Sunday, December 9, 2012

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Happy Holidays!!!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Portraits

I am an orphan. 

Certainly I don't live in the dark dirty streets of 17th century London running with the likes of the artful dodger, but never the less I am an orphan. My husband is an orphan. So as the holidays come on us we have to work extra hard to get out from under ourselves and look for gratitude around us. So since no one is coming to dinner, I looked for family around the house. 

This is Anna Maria Sudler Martindale 1790, she had twins who ran off in the famed The Gold Rush

This is an unknown relative - very pretty young man. 

This is Emory Sudler, born Sept. 4, 1800 - he would have been my Great, Great Grand Father

This is my mother, she passed away in 1985 

This is my mother's father, Shelton Prospere Virden - he was a salesman during the great depression after he lost everything in the crash of 1929 - this is him in his WWW1 uniform.

This Abby-Ann Newbold Patterson. I grew up with this portrait outside my room and I always thought she was rather masculine and had a turkey neck - looks like I am getting "the neck". 

This couple are sudler prior to the revolution, 15th century - Mayflower Types. It is because of these two, I am a member of "Lords of the manor", a colonial historical society that one has to prove they came to the Americas during colonial times.   

The following is my nephew Nick and his girlfriend Jess who just had stomach surgery and live with my sister outside of Boston. We drove to Boston for the day to see my sister and to visit with Peter's brother. Since we have limited extended family - we have to make an effort to feel family over the holidays so we do a lot of traveling around.

More please, Sir?

My sister's bedside table. 

My brother-in-law, Thomas, is the number 1 hair colorist in Boston,  anchor of the radio talk show, "Hair on the Air" and hairdresser to the Stars.  Before visiting my sister, we stopped in Harvard Square for a much needed hair cut. 

Thomas is Peter's younger brother, and Thomas loves to pose and understandably so, he is so handsome. 

Thomas primping prior to having his picture taken. 

Then back home for a Family Thanksgiving - just the three of us. 
Food and festivity.

At our house food plays a rather large role and one does not mess with eating time so taking pictures was not so welcoming...

 The best thing about Thanksgiving, Hess Trucks!!!
 Even if you are now 23 years old and own 23 of them. 

And the pending nap time....

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weather For Dummies

Nothing like a one-two punch. As we were just starting to recover from Hurricane Sandy along came a nor'easter and 12 inches of snow. Baby its cold out there!!!